"I am Chani, daughter of Liet. I would not have permitted you to harm my tribe."
- Chani Kynes


Zu dem Sammelkartenspiel Dune sind neben der Grundedition bei "Last Unicorn Games" ein Nachdruck (2. Edition) und zwei Erweiterungen in jeweils drei Kapiteln (monatliche Abfolge) im Jahr 1998 erschienen. Zwei weitere Erweiterungen und eine Tutorialspielpackung waren schon in Planung und sollten auch 1998 herausgegeben werden.

Offizielle Editionen (1998)

Dune: Eye of the Storm
301 Sponsoren: Atreides, Harkonnen, Corrino, Fremen, Bene Gesserit, Gilde 12 Starter (60 Karten) bzw. 36 Booster (15 Karten)
Dune: Judge of the Change
Chapter 1 61 neuer Sponsor: Spice Miner's Guild 6 Decks (60 Karten) und 24 Spice packs (15 Karten)
Chapter 2 61 neuer Sponsor: Water Seller's Union
Chapter 361neuer Sponsor: Dune Smugglers
Dune: Thunder at Twilight
Chapter 160neue Kartentypen: Program(Imperial), Event - Nexus (House); Atreides überarbeitet
Chapter 260Harkonnen überarbeitet
Chapter 360Corrino überarbeitet

Inoffizielle Editionen

Dune: Stormfront
301neue Bilder für 60 Karten, Fehlerberichtigung, Regelklärungen
Dune: Second Moon Rising
Chapter 160
Chapter 260
Chapter 360
Dune: Fall of the Padishah
Chapter 160
Chapter 260
Chapter 360
Dune: War of Assassins
Tutorial Box
? Keine Erweiterung. Erklärt das Spiel beim Spielen selbst.

Weitere Dune-Spiele

Dune RPG: Chronicles of the Imperium
Last Unicorn Games
2-X Nur in geringer Auflage (3000) sehr kurzzeitig erschienenes Spiel (GenCon), aufbauend auf dem Duninversum.
Dune Adventure Game
2-4 Jeder Spieler versucht in Duellen (Würfelei entsprechende der Stärke) mit seinen drei Charakteren aus den großen Häusern (Atreides, Harkonnen, Corrino), bzw. den Fremen seine Kontrahenten zu besiegen. Es gewinnt, wer als letzter noch Charaktere im Spiel hat. Die Charaktere können mit verschiedenen Dingen ausgerüstet werden und verschiedene Aktionen ausführen.
Avalon Hill (1979)
2-6 Englisch mit zwei Erweiterungen.
2-6 Französische Version des Avalon Hill Spiels, aufbauend auf dem Duninversum.

Storyline der Kartenspiel-Erweiteurngen

Die Displays der einzelnen Editionen enthielten begleitende Texte, die hier zusammengefasst sind:

Dune: Eye of the Storm (Starter Display)

Arrakis. Dune. Desert Planet...

The spice-drug Melange is found on only one planet in the universe, Arrakis. A blasted, waterless world of unending desert, it is a deadly place filled with unseen dangers. The spice allows the strange mutated Navigators of the Spacing Guild to pierce the veil of consciousness and move their vast starships through hyperspace. It provides the mysterious Bene Gesserit Revered Mothers the ability to enter the truthtrance. It prolongs life, and it allows those with the proper training and genetic ability to rise to a higher state of awareness, to see the possible futures.

You must take control of the Spice and use your position within the CHOAM holding company which controls the economy of the galaxy to gain favor, and make a bid to rise to the status of Great House with a direct heredity line to the Imperial Family itself.

A storm is coming - our storm. And when it comes, it will shake the universe!

DUNE: Eye of the Storm is a gripping struggle for supremacy. The Great Houses of Atreides and Harkonnen are mortal enemies. Duke Leto Atreides seeks to reform the Landsraad Council and make it more progressive. Baron Vladimir Harkonnen seeks only absolute power. The Emperor, Shadamm IV has secretly allied himself with House Harkonnen, and he has been instructed by the Spacing Guild that Leto's son Paul is a danger to the flow of Spice, a danger the Guild will not tolerate. The Bene Gesserit have their own concerns about Paul. He may be the Kvisatz Haderach, the end result of a thousand year breeding experiment to produce a male Bene Gesserit. To the Fremen natives of Arrakis none of this matters. But they are guided by an ancient prophesy which foretells of the coming of one who can be all places, and knows all things.

To win, you must ally your house with one of these factions and accumulate wealth, spice, and political favor. To seize victory, you must make the storm your own.

He who controls the spice, controls the universe!

Enter the vividly realized far-future world of DUNE! Set against a backdrop of galactic intrigue where alliances shift constantly and victory on the battlefield can lead easily to bitter defeat in the chambers of the LAndsraad Council. You must lead your minor House in an epic struggle to gain status and rise in the eyes of the imperium.

DUNE: Eye of the Storm features more than 300 pieces of stunning card art, a simple, yet flexible game system, and images from one of the most popular science fiction epics of all times!

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Dune: Eye of the Storm (Booster/Spice pack)

Arrakis. Dune. Desert Planet...

The Great Houses have all turned their eyes toward Dune, the harsh wasteland that is the only source of the Spice. You, too, struggle to take control of the most valuable substance in the universe. Wether you choose to fight on the CHOAM exchange, the floor of the Landsraad, or the drifting sands of Arrakis itself, expect treachery, danger, and the unknown at every turn.

Dune is a collectible card game set in a universe of galactic intrigue, shifting alliances, and ancient prophecies at last coming to fruition. This Spice Pack contains 15 cards to help you realize your great ambitions on Dune!

Dune: Judge of the Change (Combo Display)

First light glints wanly off the dull metal of the newly arrived House frigates. A drum corps pounds a tight cadence as the new governor and his family emerge to regard Arrakis in the morning light. By midday the fanfare reaches its crescendo, the vigor of its celebration vainly fighting against the dizzying heat of the merciless Arreakeen sun. It is an historic moment on Arrakis, the time of a new regime, a time of change and a time of judgement...

Dune: Judge of the Change - Chapter 1 (Combo Display)

Every governor of Arrakis must strike a bargain with the Spice Miners Guild if he hopes to meet his quota and keep his house in the good graces of the Padishah Emperor and the Landsraad Council. The Atreides are no different. Duke Leto's first move as the new governor is to earn the respect and calm the fears of experienced spice men who knew all too well the dangers of aiding a sworn enemy of Baron Vladimir Harkonnen.

Dune: Judge of the Change - Chapter 2 (Combo Display)

While the metapsychic drug melange, also called spice, is the most valuable commodity in all the universe, water is the coin of choice on the face of Arrakis. The tightly held polar water reserves of the Water Sellers Union are administered by Lingar Bewt, a man who jealously guards the stranglehold he has on this most important desert asset.

Dune: Judge of the Change - Chapter 3 (Combo Display)

Leto, Ducal Lord of the House Atreides, must come to an understanding with the Spice Smugglers, last of the triumvirate of economic powers on Arrakis. With knowledge of their activities, Leto at least knows how many men are slipping under his governorship; by losing their loyalty he risks infiltration and increased raiding of the precious Atreides spice harvest.

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